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NRS116 is the Uniform Common Ownership Interest Act in Nevada. Enacted by the Nevada State Legislature, NRS116 sets forth the regulations governing Common-Interest Communities, also referred to as HOA’s, or Homeowners Associations. This means more than one-third of all housing units in Nevada are directly affected by NRS116.

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According to the National CAI office, an estimated 20% of Americans live in some kind of association of planned community. In Nevada, that number is closer to 33%. While the housing crisis has affected nearly all homeowners in some way, and to some degree, here in Nevada it has taken a noticeable toll on homeowner associations.

A Reminder About Quality Association Life

This picture was posted by a member on a City-Data.com forum, along with the caption, "Nobody's gonna tell us what we can do with our yard, dude!" The poster did it as a joke, but it illustrates some of the misconceptions some people who don't live in association communities have about associations. Each to their own, but every now and then it’s good to remind ourselves about the benefits we enjoy by living in one.

Enforce the Covenants or Crush a Child's Happiness?

Who among us in a community wants to crush the happiness of a 4-year-old little girl? Well some did apparently, or at least it started to look that way at an association in Georgia. Ok, that was probably not the intention at all, but on the surface, the story could be presented that way.

Recent News

A story was recently aired by Channel 13 Action News regarding a lawsuit filed by Bank of America against several HOAs, Management Firms, Collection Firms, and included the Alessi & Koenig law firm.

The story doesn't address the fact that, if HOAs are unable to collect assessments and fines from foreclosed properties, and are left holding the bag on those costs, they will be unable to hire law firms to pursue collections on properties that are in trouble but not yet foreclosed. That will ultimately increase the number of homes that go into foreclosure.

The story was also inaccurate in that Alessi & Koenig's attorney fees in the homeowner case they profiled were, in fact, much less than $6,000 stated by Channel 13.

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